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Mr. Stack has extensive experience with new business ventures, as both principal and investor. Mr. Stack has been involved in venture capital and venture backed public offerings since 1998. As an attorney specializing in the public and private securities markets, Mr. Stack has represented more than 200 public companies and has taken more than 100 companies public, and has several years of managerial and consulting experience. Mr. Stack has served on numerous boards of director, both publicly and privately. Mr. Stack is also an active real estate developer, an oil and gas producer and still represents a myriad of public clients as attorney. Mr. Stack has an accounting degree from the University of North Texas and a Juris Doctorate with a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Law from the University of Tulsa. Mr. Stack has extensively studied entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial law and has written extensively on new business startups and entity formation. Mr. Stack is a member of the Oklahoma and American Bar Associations.