The STACKCAP model was carefully designed to minimize investment risk and maximize returns. By requiring our portfolio companies to invest 70% of the raised capital into assets, such as real estate and inventory, we assure that the majority of your investment is safe. Start small with as little as $2,500, and after comparing the audited financial statements of each company, you can make an informed decision to invest more in those companies showing huge potential.


Though STACKCAP is initially launching in central Texas, we have plans to roll out into multiple cities in the coming months as our crowdfunding network of investors grows. A classic hub and spoke model designed to provide economies of scale to our portfolio investment companies which can further enhance the bottom-line returns for our shareholder investors. STACKCAP will be opening five new hubs in 2015, funding five new companies per hub, for a total of 30 new portfolio investment opportunities in 2015. That’s crowdfunding done right!


STACKCAP portfolio companies pay an annual 10% dividend to our shareholder investors, and have the option of paying an additional 5% dividend to buy back their equity within two years. That’s a 12.5% annual ROI to our shareholder investors. Should a company fail to do so, STACKCAP will file the necessary paperwork with FINRA to initiate a quote of the company’s stock on the OTCBB and our shareholder investors will be free to liquidate (or hold) their shares in the open market. That’s the ultimate exit strategy!


We're not just a one stop crowdfunding shop. We actively participate in our portfolio companies, and we do so on a local scale. Our model creates local jobs and supports businesses managed by local partners. Plug into our network to join the STACKCAP crowd, and next thing you know, we'll be funding a company in your town!